Aura Air

Healthcare Facilities Air Purification

Aura Air provides a singular solution for medical centers.

Aura captures 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous pollutants, and effectively fights the spreading of infectious diseases. The positioning of the device guarantees clean environment.

Installing Aura in your facility guarantees:

  • The highest levels of purification  
  • A steep decline in the transmission of airborne diseases  
  • Full protection of your staff and patients  
  • Constant regulation of your indoor air quality data


  1. Pre-filter
    The first layer targets large particles, including dust, pollen, insects and animal hair.
  2. Ray filter™
    Our patent Ray Filter consists of 3 unique antibacterial layers that target fine particles (PM 2.5 and 10), germs, odors, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold spores.
  3. The Sterionizer™
    Creates the pure air, just like in nature, at your home. Releases positive and negative ions to freshen up your indoor space, and removes any remaining harmful pollutants.
  4. UVC LEDs
    Kill bacteria, viruses and parasites by destroying their integral membrane protein.


Smoke, CO, CO2, VOC, PM 2.5, PM 10, Temperature & Humidity

CO, NOX, NO, NO2, O3 (Ozone), VOC, PM 2.5, PM 10, Temperature, Humidity & Weather forecast


Air exchanges per hour

Recommended room size
600 ft2/55 m2

Max noise level
64 dB

Wireless communication