Compression Garments

VENOSAN® Compression Stockings

Venosan 4000
Venosan 4000

Microfibre − fine and stylish Climate effect
a. With its refined sandwich construction, VENOSAN 4000 is the first compression stocking to feature the TACTEL® climate effect label.
b. This makes it more comfortable to wear.
c. Extremely elastic New technology allows the force / stretch curve to be much flatter.
d. It is very easy to don.
e. Comfortable. The premium quality materials ensure high wearing comfort.
f. Material Composition: 71% TACTEL® polyamide, 29% elastane
Venosan 6000
Venosan 6000

Economical & reliable
a. Slight transparency
b. Made of highly elastic yarn for a perfect fit
c. Economical stocking which nevertheless satisfies all requirements
d. Material composition: 70% Nylon Polyamide 30% Elastane
Venosan 7000 Compression Sleeves
Venosan 7000

Strong natural fibers − high stiffness High stiffness
a. With its high stiffness − the increase in pressure related to the increase in circumference due to muscle movement − VENOSAN 7000 also exerts a pronounced massaging action on the leg.
b. Skin-friendly – The composition ensures both high resistance and optimal wearing comfort.
c. Material Composition: 62% TACTEL® polyamide, 26% elastane, 8% cotton 4% SeaCell® (algae fiber)

Anti-Embolism Stockings

a. VENOSAN AES range comprises a comprehensive selection of well-fitting anti thrombosis stockings
b. Available in three versions: AD, AGH, AGG.
c. 25x washable by 60°C
d. Color coding at the toes and top seam allows immediate identification of the right stockings for each patient’s measurements
e. Top inspection window for safety