Product Description:

Transparent Film Dressing without Pad.

A transparent protective wound dressing that consists of thin bacteria-proof, virus-proof, and waterproof polyurethane film coated with hypoallergenic adhesive.

Intended Use:

  • As a primary dressing, it’s intended to cover and protect dry or slightly exuding wounds such as abrasions, lacerations, and areas of friction.
  • As a secondary dressing, it’s used as a fixation device, to secure catheter sites and to cover other primary dressings like alginates, hydrogels, hydro-fibers and foams, I.V. catheters.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Polyurethane film which is waterproof, bacteria-proof, and virus-proof.
  • Transparent which allows visual inspection of the area around the wound.
  • The dressing is breathable which prevents maceration
  • Non-irritant pressure-sensitive adhesive with good adhesion properties and no residue upon removal.
  • Easy to apply and user-friendly.
  • Soft and Conformable as it conforms to the skin’s surface, even the difficult areas like underarms and shoulders.


Product CodeSizeCommercial Presentation
PROT60706cm x 7cm1 pc. per Pouch; 100 Pouches per Box
PROT65858.5cm x 6.5cm1 pc. per Pouch; 100 Pouches per Box
PROT10012010cm x 12cm1 pc. per Pouch; 60 Pouches per Box
PROT10025010cm x 25cm1 pc. per Pouch; 40 Pouches per Box
PROT15020015cm x 20cm1 pc. per Pouch; 50 Pouches per Box